Remember when I had a blog and I used to actually write on it? And then I got lame and completely stopped for like 8 months.
And now probably no one even reads it anymore but I suddenly got an urge to start writing again?
I'll fill you in with the quick version of where I've been the past 6 months. It all started with a temple trip around the northern United States with Angie. From Blanding to Billings to Bismark to St. Paul to Chicago to Detroit to Palmyra to Boston to Manhattan to DC. Then back across to Columbus to Nauvoo to St. Louis to Winter Quarters to Denver. It took a month. A really fun month.
Then I got back and decided to accept a counseling job in Monument Valley. Same job, same kids, new school. This is pretty much the view from my nice huge office.

It's okay, obviously.

Then once school started, I decided I might as well start dating someone and met Tom.
This is Tom:

He is okay too. I kinda like him a lot.

That has pretty much been keeping me busy. Work and a boyfriend.

I do have some good stories from this year so maybe I'll actually update this a little more frequently. Because who knows what could happen in the next 6 months of my life.


This is Alaska:

It looks cold, doesn't it?

I'm thinking about applying for a job there and then I think...am I crazy??

Do I really want to leave good old Blanding Utah and head somewhere even more remote?

Am I ready to say goodbye to a place that has become my home in the past 3 years?

Do I even have a choice since I have no idea if I will actually have a job here?

Have I mentioned that I hate making decisions?


I'm struggling with the fact that it isn't summer yet.

And that it is still cold in southern Utah.

And that I'm at work instead of still in bed.

Summer can't come soon enough.


I'm a Dreamer...

Yep, I'm a dreamer. I've always had pretty intense and vivid dreams. As far back as I can remember, I can remember dreaming. (Remind me to tell you my orange soda dream one day).

Last night was no exception. And I remember them fairly clearly. Maybe because I slept so poorly due to allergies and an eye infection and a thunderstorm.

But sleeping poorly isn't really the point, the point is that my dreams were weird. And to prove just how weird I dream, I will tell you the two most vivid dreams I remember from last night.

Dream 1:

I was hanging out with friends. Not weird because I'm always hanging out with friends. Except that we were hanging out in a ginormous tree house. The house was actually inside of the tree and had multiple rooms. So there we are hanging out and singing karaoke (because why wouldn't I be singing karaoke inside of a tree??). Then one of my friends suddenly gets down on one knee and proposes to me. And I say yes and put on this gorgeous huge yellow diamond ring. When I woke up, I sitll felt like I had that huge rock on my finger. And ya know what else-as soon as I had that ring on my finger, I realized I loved this guy.

Too bad in real life he is already married. We might have had a future there somewhere :)

So I'm in love and have a huge beautiful ring. Nice dream. Now on to...

Dream 2:

I walk into a house. A super nice house with a lovely dining room table all decorated for some kind of party. And I realize the party is for me. Yeah! I look around and realize that all of my friends and family are there. Yeah again! We sit down to this beautiful dinner and we are all eating and talking and having a lovely time. I go into the kitchen with my aunt to refill drinks for everyone when I turn to her and tell her that I am dying. And that toinght is my last night. She starts crying, I start crying. People hear us and wander into the kitchen. I announce to everyone that I won't be around much longer and suddenly I am angry and scared and sad.

Apparently my friends and family were a little scared of this announcement so they all left. Except for 2 lovely friends who decided they better stay with me in my last few hours. One of my friends tries to give me some sleeping pills to help me calm down and drift uneventfully into the next life. Except the pills appear to have the opposite effect and I'm wide awake and even more scared. The dream ends with me taking my last few breaths.

Now I just need someone to tell me what these dreams mean...


These are a few of my favorite things...

Just to remind me that there is plenty to be thankful for...

My cute nephew Osborne who just had his first birthday.

Spring...and spring flowers!

Happy memories of Hawaii.

The beautiful country that I live in.

Friends who keep me grounded.

A reminder that there is a plan for me and someone who is making sure that plan will unfold how and when it is supposed to.


When a ? looms larger than an !

I've been stressed lately. My doctor will surely not be happy that my stress hormones have peaked once again.

But it can't be helped.

Because I may or may not have received a letter saying that the funding for elementary counselors has been cut.

Good ole budget cuts.

So now I need to decide what to do with my life. Which I would have to say is one of the most stressful things in the world.

I can go anywhere, do anything, whatever I choose to do. The only problem is that with a million different opportunities, things tend to just get more stressful to me.

Because I want to make sure I'm in the right place at the right time. That I'm exactly where I need to be.

And while lots of people think I'm crazy for saying this-most the time I feel like right here-in the middle of nowhere-is where I need to be.

So do I wait around and hope a job becomes available (which people higher up than me seem to think is a good possibility) or do I bite the bullet and move somewhere new, try something else?

I keep trying to get someone to tell me what to do but no one will...but I'll ask one more time for good measure. What should I be doing?